Bathroom Vanities With Sinks – The Latest Styles in the Market

Are you searching for the latest styles and types of bathroom vanities that have a sink so that to can give your bathroom a new and better look? There are a lot of options available in this regard, and you can choose any of them as long as it is in your budget. A simple wall hung sink is just available for around $50, but quality bathroom vanities are pricey, and the costs can go up as much as $5,000. Some of these are available as a single product and others are installed with cabinetry. Bathroom vanities with tops are also quite common because the sink and vanity are combined together.

Here are some types of bath vanities with sinks that were seen the most this year.

wall mounted sinkWall Mounted Sink

The wall mounted sink is a really common option that is installed in those bathrooms where there is not a lot of space. These sinks are directly fixed onto the wall with special wall hanger brackets, and do not require any floor support. Plumbing can either be concealed or exposed and is fixed beneath the sink.



pedestal sinkPedestal Sink

The pedestal sink is another classic type of bathroom vanities that is preferred when space is an issue. However, it is also used in huge bathrooms, serving as the focal point of the entire design. The sink is mounted on top of a pedestal that so fixed onto the floor and wall as well for extra stability. Plumbing lines are fastened inside the pedestal and remain concealed.


vessel sink vanityVessel Sink Vanity

Vessel sink are modern bathroom vanities, featuring a new and unique look. The sink is mounted on a countertop that is fixed to both the wall and the floor. Just as the look is different, so are the faucets and drain pipes that are installed with it. The faucets can either be mounted on the deck or affixed to the wall. As for the vessel, you can use any object that you look. Just make sure it is artistic enough; popular choices are granite, china, alabaster stone and blown art glass.


cabinet style vanity

Cabinet style Vanity

Cabinet style vanity can be used by itself or with any other types of bathroom vanities that have been discussed above. Both a single and double bowl can be installed over a solid counter top. The quality of this bathroom vanity is often high, and so can be the prices.


framed sinkFramed Sink

The framed sink is also installed over a counter top, often made with laminate, granite or other types of stone. The sink is fixed into the counter top and the edges are covered with a metallic frame. Usually, pressed steel is used as the sink material.


All of the above types of bathroom vanities are easily available at any online store. The prices are reasonable, and in some cases, you can even find discount bathroom vanities. So begin your search, choose your favorite style and give you bathroom a classy new touch.


Should I Buy A Soft Tub Or Hot Tub


Scott here from I thought I would just share a story with you. If you are thinking about buying a hot tub be sure to check out a company called SoftTub. They offer an alternative to the traditional acrylic/fiberglass style hot tubs.

Recently I had a chance to attend our local home improvement, home design show, and I came across this great hot tub company called “Soft Tub.” What they do is, they make a lightweight, portable hot tubs out of rigid foam that you can take anywhere.

A couple of things that really excite me is that it’s very portable, like I just mentioned. They are lightweight, and you can take them anywhere you want. Comparing some of the acrylic style big hot tubs are very heavy and they are not very portable. Once they are set up, they are almost impossible to move around.

Another thing about the soft tub that is very exciting, it’s very energy efficient. It takes the heat from the motor, and uses that to heat the water for the hot tub, reducing your energy costs.

And then, another thing that I’m very excited about when it comes to the Soft Tub is you can just plug it into a standard 110 outlet. You compare that to an acrylic style hot tub, which requires 220 power that requires special wiring right from your fuse box, which can be very expensive.

And another thing, is the tubs very lightweight, portable, and it can be rolled out and set up in almost any location, comparing that to an acrylic style hot tub. An acrylic tub requires a minimum four inch concrete pad for your hot tub to sit on, which can be
very expensive.

A couple of things that concern me, and I would want to take a closer look at, if I decided to buy a soft tub, is the size. They are a two person, a four person, and a six person. So, if you have lots of family and like to have lots of people over, the size might be an issue. So, you might want to take a closer look at that. Some of the acrylic style ones can get very big and hold a lot of people, so that might be something you want to look at.

And another thing is – the jets. I’m not sure how powerful the jets are. Having recent back problems, having a powerful jet is obviously a good thing to really massage those sore and aching muscles. Some of those acrylic style tubs have special pumps inside just for the jets, so they can be very powerful.

Anyway, if you’re looking at purchasing a hot tub, I would definitely suggest looking at Soft Tub. It’s a great alternative to the acrylic style, fiberglass/acrylic ones.

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How To Hire A Home Improvement Contractor Video

When searching for the right home improvement contractor, keep these important things in mind; when making modifications and improvements to your home, finding the right contractor is essential for the best outcome.

It’s important you select a professional contractor who will also advise you on how to save on the cost associated with your work. A home improvement contractor will sometimes hire subcontractors and specialty services to complete your work. It’s okay to ask how they make those choices.

hire a home remodeling contractorDiscuss all your expectations. It’s important to ensure the job is done to he best standards, meeting your predetermined schedules and budgets. The following are three vital tips to help you find a home improvement contractor that’s right for you:

One, make sure the business has proper licensing and certifications, and can provide proof of proper insurance.

Two, make sure your home improvement contractor secures all the proper permits and approvals before beginning.

Three, always ask if they have online testimonials or positive reviews they can direct you to.

There’s more you should know about choosing the right home improvement contractor. The information we provide will save you time and money.


Types of Kitchen Countertops: A Look at What’s Hot in the Market


There are so many types of kitchen countertops in the market. But do you know which of these can improve the look of your kitchen or which of these require little or no maintenance? The options are indeed aplenty.

Whichever of these you choose; it should fit your budget and complement the existing design in your kitchen. Here are some of the most popular types of kitchen countertops for that edgy and sleek look.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are one of the most popular countertops available today and are a great addition to your home. They not only look amazing because of its natural qualities found in the stone but usually add value to your home.

Some of the pros are they look amazing and will add that sparkle in your kitchen, they are long-lasting, easy to clean and heat proof. Some of the cons are they are expensive, they are prone to crack because of all the veins in the stone, they are heavy and need extra support and they are not uniform in color.

Poured Concrete

Stylish yet extremely strenuous, poured concrete countertops have been present throughout times and will continue to be seen in future as well. Seal them well, and they will become stain resistant. Poured concrete countertops can be tinted in any color that you want and can be castled in any shape that you like. But this is not the best part. All other countertops degrade with time, but the appearance of poured concrete just improves. As long as you avoid placing hot pots onto the countertop, you are sure to have them for a very long time in your kitchen. And all the years that you use them, even just a little bit of maintenance would make your countertop look spotless.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood countertops have created quite a roar and are being used in many new and renovated kitchens. Why? Because reclaimed wood is produced in an eco friendly way and can make your kitchen look every elegant. So if you prefer ‘green products’ or love the countryside, reclaimed wood is the kitchen countertop that you should have.

Stainless Steel

Sleek and attractive, stainless steel countertops have become quite a trend lately. Resistant to water, germs and heat, stainless steel is widely being used for producing kitchen countertops. Though these look very nice, they are not resistant to scratches or stains. But if you regularly wash them and clean them once a while, they would give your kitchen a clean and modern look.

types of kitchen countertopsSoapstone

Very similar to granite, soapstone is a softer material that is made from mineral talc. Despite the softness, the material is quite sturdy and is one of the most popular types of kitchen countertops. Generally, soapstone is grayish in color that can darken with age. Just like stainless steel, soapstone countertops are not resistant to scratches. Still if they do appear, you can always sand or oil them away.


Quartz perhaps can resist scratches better than any other material available for kitchen countertops, which makes it really simple to maintain. Quartz countertops also have a long life, which makes them all the better. If washing and polishing is what you do not like, go for quartz kitchen countertops. Choose any color that goes with your kitchen’s design and you would love the new look.

So which of the above mentioned types of kitchen countertops are you going to choose? Whichever you select, they would look stunningly sleek in your kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Flooring Options for 2013

Do you know which materials are regarded as the best kitchen flooring options? The most preferred choices are only those that can bear the heavy amount of traffic in the kitchen, so they should be durable and resist all the kitchen hazards. But along with this, they should also be able to give your kitchen that sharp look. So for which materials can all the boxes be checked off? Let’s take a look at the best kitchen flooring options.

vinyl kitchen flooringVinyl Flooring

Vinyl is one of the best kitchen flooring options available simply because of its price. Compared to other choices, the appearance may not be that appealing, but it is still good enough, and do not forget the prices; they compensate well for this. Vinyl is available in many designs that are a very realistic replica of ceramic, tile and hardwood flooring. Other than this, vinyl flooring is really easy to clean and maintain, and feels comfortable under your feet.

Perhaps the only downside is that vinyl flooring is not that durable. It can get torn with sharp objects and dust can give it a dull look.

laminate kitchen flooringLaminate Flooring

Laminate is a material that comprises of several layers of other materials to increase the durability. Its appearance is very similar to that of a wooden or tile flooring, and it is scratch resistant, which makes it perfect choice if you have kids or pets in your house.

Laminate flooring hardly requires any maintenance, and long as you sweep and mop it, which will keep it attractive. Just like vinyl, laminate flooring is not that durable compared to other options.

Cork Flooring

cork-kitchen-flooringCork’s appearance may not be liked by everyone, but the fact that it is eco friendly and affordable makes it worth mentioning. As for the look, it would still suit some people because of its strong textures and patterns. Cork is extremely flexible and very comfortable to walk on. Drop a plate or a cup on it, and it would not be the least bit damaged. Plus, when it is cold outside, it would prevent your kitchen floor from becoming too cold because it maintains some of the heat.

 Ceramic Tile Flooring

ceramic tile flooring

Preferred for their durability, tiles are one of the best kitchen flooring options because of their designs and budget. They are literally available in any color, shape and size, and are either plain or decorated with patterns. The options are indeed aplenty and whichever you choose would make your kitchen look fantastic.

Tiles can handle most spills but they are prone to cracks if some heavy objects are dropped on them. With just a little bit of liquid, they can become slippery and increase the risk of accidents. But the affordable prices and the low maintenance may outweigh these issues.

Now that know the best kitchen flooring options, you can easily determine your needs and accordingly pick your favorite from the list. Get them installed and your kitchen will look amazing with your new tiles.


The Best Cordless Tool Combo Kit For Your Handyperson

best cordless tool combo kitIf you are looking for the best cordless tool combo kit for your handyperson in your life and you don’t want to send a ton of money you can’t go wrong with the Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Super Combo Kit (4-Tool).

This combo kit is very affordable and has all the basic cordless tools for any job around the home. Ryobi has come a long way in cordless tools over the past few years and offers many other cordless tools which are compatible with the 18-volt lithium-ion batteries.

I purchased this set from Home Depot several months ago and am very happy with them. At first it was a tough decision whether I should replace the batteries for my older model Craftsman cordless tools or buy a brand new set.

The batteries on my Craftsman were nickel cadmium, which are not as good as the lithium-ion offered by Ryobi and they and were fairly expensive to replace. They were near $100 for a two pack and a new Ryobi cordless tool set was under $200. Because of the price and the age of my cordless tools I debated with myself and talked to a few friends whether I should replace the batteries or buy new cordless tools.

Looking at the age of my craftsman cordless tools and several of them were starting to wear out and making some weird noises I decided to buy the Ryobi ONE+ 18-volt lithium-ion super combo kit. I couldn’t be more happier. I should have done that sooner and not waited so long.

The Ryobi ONE+ super combo kit comes with a heavy-duty ½ drill which is more than adequate for any homeowner, a 5 ½ inch skill saw with carbide tipped that can cut through 2-by material and sheet products.

Also in the kit is a reciprocating saw that his great for demolishing and general cutting large materials including metal and wood. Another great feature that comes with the kit is a LED work light that has a swivel head that you can adjust to any position.

The kit comes with 2 compact lithium-ion batteries and a dual chemistry charger. The lithium-ion batteries charge quicker, holds more power and last longer than the Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) batteries.

I found the batteries last a very long time and usually last through most jobs. The skill saw takes a lot of power but manages to cut through the material with no problems. The drill having a 1/2 inch chuck allows you to use bigger drill bits compared to a 3/8 inch and drill through most materials with no problems, the reciprocating saw has an easy to use toolless chuck which allows you to change blades easily and has tons of power to go through most materials. I love the LED light with the swivel head, which allows you to point the light in any direction.

If you are looking for a present for your handyperson in your life you can’t go wrong with the Ryobi ONE+ 18-volt lithium-ion super combo kit. This kit is perfect for the everyday use around your home and offers a great price as well. You can spend a ton of money on cordless tools but the Ryobi ONE+ is very reasonable and affordable cordless tool set.

Find Your Ryobi ONE+ Lithium-Ion Super Kit (4-Tool) At Home Depot


Basement Remodeling In Chicago: How We Do It Right!


Basements don’t have to be dark, dingy, soul less, life less places that are never used. Select the right services for basement remodeling in Chicago to change your basements into extensions of your living space and maybe even a favorite hangout for the whole family.
At Remodeling HO, we know how to bring life to your basement. Turn it into the home gym you have always wanted or maybe a home theater to enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort of your own home, the possibilities are endless!

Remodeling your basement in Chicago gives you the opportunity to maximize the functional living space in your home like nothing else. We have the technology and expertise to make your basement a standalone space complete with its own sophisticated bathrooms, wine cellars, wet bars, and even kitchen. And if the terrain outside your home allows for it, we can even open up your basement to the outside world, letting in sunlight and warmth to the whole space.

Basement remodeling in Chicago & surrounding suburbs requires vision and design expertise. Our skilled remodelers give new personality to unused or under-used space in a cost effective manner.

Basement Remodeling in Chicago: The Standard of Excellence

basement remodeling ChicagoThere are special design considerations to be addressed during your basement remodeling in Chicago. The Remodeling HO staff includes designers and architects to develop incredible designs for a beautiful basement space. We also deal with any potential issues that could be of concern because of the space being below grade level and make it as livable and comfortable as possible.
Here are some of our best practices for turning your basement into a chic, contemporary-styled room that you’ll love!
Bring in the light!

Beautiful and properly placed lighting fixtures can instantaneously take away that cave like feel and turn your basement into an airy and spacious room. We don’t limit the lighting design to overhead fixtures when remodeling you Chicago basement. Instead, we place lights on the walls, in corners and even on the floor for a beautiful effect.
Paint it bright!

We always suggest light colored walls that easily reflect light, making your basement space look and feel more spacious and luxurious.
Get the furniture right!

The choice of furniture for your basement mainly depends on how you want to use the area. We will work with you to make sure that you get the right style and color of the furniture pieces to match the lighting and wall color.

And There You Have It Some Remodeling Info!

Basement remodeling in Chicago is not a tough job at all when you have the right team doing it for you. It takes expertise, creativity and knowledge of the space and materials to turn your basement into an appealing space!

Get in touch with us today to schedule a basement consultation. Let us work together to get a beautiful “lower level” that is perfect for your family lifestyle! Looking for more information about remodeling your home in Chicago visit our remodeling in Chicago page.




Home Remodeling In Chicago: It’s Like A New Home!

home remodeling ChicagoAt Remodeling HO, we give you a huge array of options for home remodeling, to make sure that the end result of home remodeling in Chicago is a house that fits your unique style and tastes. Our in-house designers and service professionals will be with you throughout the home remodeling process and guide you each step of the way. Our prices are guaranteed! And since we source a majority of our products locally, you can save up to 40% as compared to retail.


A remodeled Chicago home is worth bragging about!

Home remodeling in Chicago can also help you enhance the resale value of your home. Functional kitchens, bathrooms spas, beautiful living areas and spacious bedrooms can seriously add to the appeal of a house. Put your remodeling dollars in these spaces to get the most bang for your buck.

In today’s uncertain economy, you need to everything to make sure that your home gets the right price! A home remodeling project is just the thing to add excellent value to your home. After all, a home with a smart kitchen is a lot more valuable for buyers than one with cutting edge features.

Why Get a Whole House Remodel?

If your home was built in the 50s and 60s, chances are that there is a lot of wasted space that is taken over by hallways and entryways. Home remodeling in Chicago can give you an opportunity to enhance the traffic flow in your house and get bigger, more open rooms and kitchen. No more cramped kitchens, small rooms and tiny bathrooms!

Home Remodeling Begins With A Dream!

Cathedral ceilings, skylights, huge walk-in closets! What else would you like? May be wood floors, brand new bathrooms and LCD TV installations throughout the house?

Home remodeling in Chicago can give you all of that and more!

But it is important to work with professional remodelers to avoid undue stresses and a bad job on your home remodel. By working with our experts you will save both money and frustration. At Remodeling HO, we are proficient at home improvement and our clients know us to take full ownership of every project we work on.

Get in touch with us to find out more about these remodeling services. Call us to schedule a home remodeling consultation with Remodeling HO now!

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Kitchen Remodeling In Chicago: The Dream Kitchen Is Within Reach!

kitchen remodeling ChicagoA beautiful kitchen doesn’t always start out that way. We know how to do kitchen remodeling in Chicago, the right way! We understand that it takes your artistic vision, professional space planning and expert knowledge to get a kitchen space to look fabulous. There is no end to the choices for materials and amenities to complete your kitchen. But it is important that you and your kitchen remodelers have the foresight to use the products best for practical, aesthetic as well as budgetary purposes. You need to have a master plan to get the remodeling done perfectly!

At Remodeling HO, we are master kitchen planners to help with kitchen remodeling in Chicago. You need specialized, expert help with the job because the kitchen is the heart of your, or any, home. This space should reflect your personality and style and be good enough to be loved by the whole family.

Things To Be Considered When Remodeling Your Kitchen In Chicago!

Once we have determined your preferences for kitchen remodeling in Chicago, the next step is to figure out the layout of the kitchen, afterwards we work on selecting the right colors, textures and materials for your kitchen remodeling job.

There is much to be considered throughout this stage. We need to figure out the best possible ways for optimizing the easy flow for kitchen usage and accessibility. This is where you should get together with your remodelers and talk about the need and number of cabinetry, appliances and islands, the type and finish for the cabinetry, counter tops and doors to create that extraordinary look as well as built in storage compartments and accessories.

As mentioned earlier, the choice is virtually limitless. When it comes to countertops, the options include quartz, marble, stainless steel, butcher’s block, ceramic and granite. Select the one best suited for your style of cooking and entertaining. It is also important to make sure that the backsplash goes well with the countertops as well as the rest of the kitchens. Same holds true for the wall covering, flooring patterns and colors used in kitchen remodeling in Chicago.

And lastly, there is the worry about using the right fixtures and fittings. Think about the type and placement of lighting your new kitchen will need. Our expert remodelers will also discuss kitchen flooring with you. We’ll discuss in-depth the pros and cons of different types of flooring, including wood, stone, granite or marble.

The whole point of kitchen remodeling is to make your kitchen the best in terms of appearance, durability and comfort. Our experts will not compromise on these points ever!

Remodeled Kitchens That Exceed Your Expectations!

We invest in expertise, knowledge and reputation of our remodelers and this is how we provide the best services for kitchen remodeling in Chicago. So contact us and explore better options for a more fabulous kitchen than you could ever imagine. Call us to schedule a kitchen design consultation.

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Bathroom Remodeling Chicago For Dummies


If you are looking to carry out some bathroom remodeling in Chicago then you should first consider if you want to change the look of your bathroom or you want to replace some areas of the bathroom because they are worn out or because they look dated.

There are many aspects of the bathroom that you can remodel if you do not want to remodel the whole bathroom or the change the look of everything. For example if you have a tiled floor and like the type and design of tiles that you have, you can keep those and change the bathtub. The first thing you need to know is what you want your bathroom to look like as that will guide you decide what you need to change.

One of the ways that you can remodel your Chicago bathroom is by having a bathtub installed if you do not have one. There are different types of bathtub designs and sizes and if you love taking baths then you have a wide variety to choose from. However you have to get a bathtub which is in proximate size to your bathroom. For example, if you have a large bathroom, you can get a large bathtub.

bathroom remodeling ChicagoA small bathtub in a large bathroom will make the room look unbalanced and if you are not sure what to do, consult with a professional to get the sizing right. If you do not like taking baths and you have a bathtub, you can get rid of the bathtub and have more storage space, or a larger sink or a larger vanity. This again will depend on the needs of your family. You may also opt to have a larger shower installed which will utilize the space that the bathtub used to occupy.

Another way in which you can revamp your bathroom fast without spending too much is by changing the cabinet pulls and handles, shower heads and faucets. If these finishes are dated, upgrading to more modern ones will instantly uplift the look of your bathroom. If you would like to have larger sinks for example but do not have much storage space, you can have small cabinets beneath the sinks so that you have larger sinks with adequate storage space. It is always important to know what are the most important aspects in your bathroom before you start remodeling your Chicago bathroom so that you do not have a beautiful bathroom with no storage space, for example if storage space is what you need most.

Using a good contractor is almost as important as doing bathroom remodeling in Chicago. This is because you want the contractor to be able to bring to life the ideas that you have for your bathroom. If you are not sure how to go about remodeling your bathroom, RemodelingHO are the experts in remodeling in the Chicago area so please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

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