Types of Bathroom Rugs Things You Need to Know

picture of a bathroom with a floor rugWhen redesigning a bathroom, no one focuses much on the types of bathroom rugs, and instead concentrates on sinks, vanities, tubs, and so on. However, this should not be, because a bathroom rug can offer safety and prevent you from slipping on wet floors while also providing you with a comfortable surface to walk on. As with any other item, whichever type you choose, it should complement the rest of your bathroom decorations.

Bathrooms rugs can be classified on the basis of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. Go for a rug that fits well in the open space in your bathroom and is neither too small nor too big.


A bathroom mat can be made from any material, but polyester, bamboo, chenille nylon, and cotton are more popular.


A cotton bathroom rug is thinner than other options and is available in a wide array of designs. In terms of durability, cotton is not exactly that great a choice because it starts wearing out if the floor is constantly wet.


A bamboo rug is a durable and inexpensive option. It does, however, have its downsides, such as that it is available only in the color or bamboo and does not feel soft under your feet.


A chenille rug is not easily damaged even if it is constantly exposed to water. For extremely wet bathrooms, this should be the preferred option.


A polyester bathroom rug offers durability and is the preferred choice if the bathroom is characterized by high traffic.


Compared to other options, a nylon bathroom rug has a longer life and offers better slip-resistance features.


The absorbency of a bathroom rug is an important factor because it prevents mold growth and decreases the risk of accidents. Depending on the material, the absorbency varies. Bamboo has great absorbing properties and a rug made of this material will ensure a dry bathroom most of the time.


Bathroom rugs are available in a huge variety of colors. You can either go for one color throughout the year or keep changing colors with every season if your budget allows. Whichever shade you choose, it should go with your wall paint and the rest of the decorations. For instance, blue and green rugs look great in summer whereas natural and dark shades are more suitable for the chilly days.

Slip Resistance

A bathroom rug offers safety only if it is characterized by a high slip resistance. This will be the case when the bottom of the rug is lined with a rubber cushion or anti-skid material. In case, your bathroom mat is not lined, place it over a rubber mat and not on your bathroom’s bare floor.

Now that you have all the information pertaining to the different types of bathroom rugs, it will be much simpler for you to come to a decision.