Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessory Sets For Improving The Look

The final step of any bathroom designing process is to choose appropriate bathroom accessory sets.  Do it right, and you bathroom will have the perfect finishing look that you desire. There are many options and styles for bathroom accessory sets, and selecting one of these can be difficult at times. You can customize everything as per your wishes, while ensuring that your budget is not restrained.

Here we present you a look at those items that must be included in bathroom accessory sets, so as to provide convenience while adding more to the style.

bathroom shelvesBathroom Shelves

If you still have not put up any shelves in your bathroom, now is the time to get it done. You can either have these near the shower, near the counter or at both places. At times, bathroom shelves are hung from the shower or on the door, and at others, they are affixed onto the walls. You can even opt for a free-standing bathroom shelf; a corner one will utilize more space, but will make it easier for you to store your items.

Laundry Hamperslaundry basket

A laundry hamper is must-have accessory in every bathroom. There are two main types of laundry hamper: one is portable, and you can easily take it to the laundry room, whereas the other one cannot be moved from its pace of installation. Depending on your needs, a laundry hamper can be built into a cabinet, installed as a pullout unit or mounted as a tilt-out unit. You can even opt for a freestanding laundry hamper.
If you want portability, go for a hamper that features a handle or wheel.

bathroom scalesBathroom Scales

A bathroom scale is another important item in bathroom accessory sets. These can be divided into three main types: analog, body composition, and digital. Analog bathroom scales operate on a counterbalance bar or a spring dial, the former of which offers a more accurate reading. Digital scales run on battery and body composition scales are used for measuring body density, by utilizing small electrical pulses. They can also give you a reading of your weight and muscle mass.

Shower Benches and Seats

If your bathroom does not have a bath and you prefer to sit while taking a shower, you should have a chair or a seat on the bathroom. These are either in the form of a simple bench or are based on wheels, which makes them portable. Shower chairs are mostly constructed with plastic and aluminum so that no rust forms ion eth surface. Moreover, they are slip-resistance because rubber cups are fixed onto their legs.

bathroom towels


A bathroom towel is available in many styles and colors. You shook get one that goes with your wall paint and the rest of your decorations for a more refined touch.

Now that you have chosen bathroom accessory sets, you are done with redesigning your bathroom. We are sure it looks extremely classy and modern, and will impressive anyone who views it.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors For A Refined Look

bathroom mirror with cabinetThere are many types of bathroom mirrors you can choose for a more refined look. Not only will your bathroom look more stylish, you will also be using the mirror for everyday use. Most bathrooms have simple mirrors, but if you opt for a design that is different from the  classics, your bathroom is going to look better and more attractive.

Here is a look at the most popular types of mirrors for your bathroom.

Mirrors with Cabinets

A mirror which is actually part of a cabinet is one of the most popular types. Not only do you utilize the mirror, the cabinet also serves as an extra storage space. Though a cabinet mirror does take up space, by no means does it compromise on the designs. Mirrors with cabinets are available in many designs, styles, sizes and mounting options.

Ledge or Shadow Box Mirrorsframed bathroom mirror

A ledge mirror comprises of a ledge attached to it towards the bottom side. This provides you with extra space for keeping your bathroom products of daily use. For some people, the ledge is quite handy and provides you with convenience because anything that you may need while shaving or prepping up, is just right across.

Framed Mirrors

A framed mirror is another popular option that is just hung on the wall. Such mirrors are available in different frame styles, sizes and hues. The available designs range from quite simple to extremely classy.

frameless bathroom mirrorFrameless Mirrors

As the name implies, this mirror is not bordered with any material, but is instead given a buffed edge. As such they appear to float, which makes them very preferable for bathrooms depicting modern designs.

Venetian Mirrors
A Venetian mirror is one on which beautiful designs are etched on the glass surface. If you want a romantic and classy edge to you bathroom, these are perfect.

LED Mirrors

If you want ample amounts of light while dressing up without adding more to the electricity bills, an LED mirror is a good choice. They are available in plenty of designs, and if you choose a product that is integrated with a battery, you will not need any additional wiring.

Heated Demister Mirrors

Generally, the surface of a bathroom mirror gets condensed after a shower, but not when you have a heated demister mirror. A thin pad is integrated behind the surface that prevents it from getting condensed, and you enjoy clear views no matter if you showered only seconds ago.

Pivot Mirrors

A pivot mirror offers more flexibility than other options because it can be titled up and down.

Now that you know the different types of mirrors for your bathroom that are available, you can easily make a decision and choose a suitable product. As an advice, consider the overall theme of your bathroom and choose a mirror that complements it further instead of marring it. All along, make sure that your budget does not suffer from any strains.



Types of Bathroom Rugs Things You Need to Know

picture of a bathroom with a floor rugWhen redesigning a bathroom, no one focuses much on the types of bathroom rugs, and instead concentrates on sinks, vanities, tubs, and so on. However, this should not be, because a bathroom rug can offer safety and prevent you from slipping on wet floors while also providing you with a comfortable surface to walk on. As with any other item, whichever type you choose, it should complement the rest of your bathroom decorations.

Bathrooms rugs can be classified on the basis of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. Go for a rug that fits well in the open space in your bathroom and is neither too small nor too big.


A bathroom mat can be made from any material, but polyester, bamboo, chenille nylon, and cotton are more popular.


A cotton bathroom rug is thinner than other options and is available in a wide array of designs. In terms of durability, cotton is not exactly that great a choice because it starts wearing out if the floor is constantly wet.


A bamboo rug is a durable and inexpensive option. It does, however, have its downsides, such as that it is available only in the color or bamboo and does not feel soft under your feet.


A chenille rug is not easily damaged even if it is constantly exposed to water. For extremely wet bathrooms, this should be the preferred option.


A polyester bathroom rug offers durability and is the preferred choice if the bathroom is characterized by high traffic.


Compared to other options, a nylon bathroom rug has a longer life and offers better slip-resistance features.


The absorbency of a bathroom rug is an important factor because it prevents mold growth and decreases the risk of accidents. Depending on the material, the absorbency varies. Bamboo has great absorbing properties and a rug made of this material will ensure a dry bathroom most of the time.


Bathroom rugs are available in a huge variety of colors. You can either go for one color throughout the year or keep changing colors with every season if your budget allows. Whichever shade you choose, it should go with your wall paint and the rest of the decorations. For instance, blue and green rugs look great in summer whereas natural and dark shades are more suitable for the chilly days.

Slip Resistance

A bathroom rug offers safety only if it is characterized by a high slip resistance. This will be the case when the bottom of the rug is lined with a rubber cushion or anti-skid material. In case, your bathroom mat is not lined, place it over a rubber mat and not on your bathroom’s bare floor.

Now that you have all the information pertaining to the different types of bathroom rugs, it will be much simpler for you to come to a decision.



Tips for Selecting the Right Bathroom Fan

picture of bathroom fanA bathroom fan is often used because it caters to your comfort and also improves the air quality by transferring the moist hot humid air outside. As such, the humidity levels go down, and you do not suffer from problems like steamy mirrors, pealing wall paint, mold growth and so on. So while deciding on a bathroom fan, what should you consider? Yes, pricing and budget are important, but other than that, there a number of other factors that should be evaluated.


According to Chicago bathroom remodeling a fan is specified by the ability with which it can move air. This is measured in cubic feet per minute, abbreviated as CFM. Generally, a bathroom fan will have a rating between 50 CFM and 110 CFM. If the size of your bathroom is big, you should choose a fan that has a greater rating. Similarly, if you want better performance, then also you should opt for a bathroom fan with higher CFM.

If you ask us, we would suggest that you choose a fan that has a CFM rating, capable of completely replacing you bathroom air once in every 8 or 10 minutes.

Bathroom Size

The size of your bathroom also has an effect on the CRM ratings you require. As a rule of the thumb, if the area of your bathroom is less than 50 square feet, a fan with a CFM rating of around 50 will do well. For areas larger than this, a grater CFM value will be more appropriate.
The minimum CFM rating is given as the product of your bathroom’s height, length, width and the factor 0.13.


Do you prefer absolute quietness or does a little amount of noise not bother you at all? Depending on this, you have to choose a soundless bathroom fan or one that makes some noise.  The amount of noise emitted by a bathroom fan is measured in sones, where one sone is the amount of noise produced by a quiet refrigerator. Obviously, the lower this value is, the lesser noise the bathroom fan will produce.
Generally, if the sone rating is in the range of 1.5, the fan can be considered as quiet.


If you have never previously installed a bathroom fan before, you may want place it where your lighting is so that the need for additional wiring is eliminated. Some products integrate both a fan and a light, and you can even go for this one. As for the style, these products are available in many decorative designs, which will still make your bathroom look classy.

Other Features

There are some features that are not offered by every bathroom fan, but can be a good choice depending on your needs. For instance, some products are integrated with a heater, and others are based on timed controls.
With that being said, we are now sure choosing a bathroom fan is not going to be that difficult for you.



Types of Bathroom Vessel Sinks A Look At The Most Popular Ones

recessed bathroom ceramic vessel sinkThere are so many types of bathroom vessel sinks that add a classy touch to your bathroom and incorporate modernity into the design. Indeed, the prices are higher, but the investment is for sure worth it. Among the many types of bathroom vessel sinks, which one should you choose? A look at the main features of each will help you make a decision.

Bathroom vessel sinks can be divided into many types on the basis of the installation or the material used.

Types of Bathroom Vessel Sinks on the Basis of Installation

Above the Counter Installation

In this type of installation, the vessel sink rests on the type of your bathroom vanity or counter. The only modification that you will need to do to your counter is to drill a hole that has a specific diameter. Once that is done, the sink will easily be fitted without any other adjustments.

Recessed Installation

Though a recessed bathroom vessel is more difficult to install, it provides more stability. The counter top is cut into a hole that is bigger than the drain hole, but smaller than the diameter of the sink. This size allows the sink to fit firmly into the counter.

Types of Bathroom Vessel Sinks Based on Materials

Glass Vessel Sinks

Glass vessel sinks require a lot of care and maintenance, but their attractive styles will want you to have one of these in your bathroom. These sinks are available in glass that is clear, opaque, or translucent. The colors are also aplenty and the sink may either feature a single hue or a whole array of attractive shades. Thus, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, but you may have to spend more amounts than on sinks made from other materials.

Stone Vessel Sinks

Stone vessel sinks are generally made of granite, marble or travertine. Compared to glass vessel sinks, the selection may be sort of limited in term of colors, but is still good enough. If you prefer a greener bathroom that depicts a natural look, the stone sink is the one you should go for.

Ceramic Vessel Sinks

A ceramic vessel sink is a tradition option, but is popular even today. Probably one of the cheapest options for vessel sinks, this one is available as either a plain white sink or is decorated with stunning hand-painted designs. Install a ceramic sink, and your bathroom will have a fine, delicate sort of look.

Copper and Metal Sinks

Do you want your bathroom sink to be shaped differently than the standard oval? The copper vessel sink is for you then because it is available in a number of interesting shapes such as square, ellipse, rectangular, cone and so on. The sink may also be patterned with a self-design, but obviously the rate will also be higher. Other than copper, nickel may also be used as the material.

Now that you know more about the different types of bathroom vessel sinks, we hope it is easy for you to choose one for your bathroom.


Bathroom Flooring Ideas – A Look at the Most Popular Choices of 2013

Do you want some great bathroom flooring ideas for that new home that you are building or the old one that you are renovating? Whatever you are planning to do, here are some great bathroom flooring ideas that you should definitely not miss out on. Use some of these in your new bathroom, and it will look really classy and stylish.

Tile Flooring

Tiles have become very popular, particularly those that are made from ceramic.  The appearance is clean and classy, but this is not the only reason that tile flooring is preferred. Tiles are durable and so last longer than other options. They are stain resistant and the new ones that are manufactured are slip resistant as well. The only possible downside is the fact that tiles can be very cold during the winter unless you install them over a floor heating system.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is one of the most preferable bathroom flooring ideas because of its low rates and easy maintenance. The surface resists stain and can easily be kept clean. Vinyl is often supported with a  backing foam or felt, which makes it softer than other flooring options and so the risk of accidents is minimized. Vinyl flooring can either be installed as large sheets or in the form of tiles; the latter is easier to install. If your budget is tight, vinyl flooring is definitely the option you should avail.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is an environment friendly material so if you are fan of green technology, bamboo flooring should be your choice. You will be able to play your part in making the environment healthy without taxing out your budget. Compared to other options, bamboo flooring can be installed at nearly half the price.
Bamboo is available as both engineered and solid bamboo. The former is a better choice because of increased durability and simple installation. Engineered bamboo does not even suffer from damage in areas with increased moisture, so that makes it more preferable.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate comprises of different layers that are bonded together after being subjected to pressure. The resultant product is more durable and strenuous, and cut into planks. Often these are converted with a thin decorative layer. Laminate flooring does not require any extra maintenance and is available at affordable rates.

Hardwood Flooring

Elegant and timeless, hardwood floors will probably never cease to be seen in bathrooms. The material can resist humidity, is resistant to water and can stand heavy wood traffic. And if you do not like brown, stain it in any color of your choice.

So do you like these bathroom flooring ideas that we have suggested? Try any of them and you would thank us when your bathroom features a spectacular and shiny new floor that is going to make people go wow, including you yourself.


Bathroom Vanities With Sinks – The Latest Styles in the Market

Are you searching for the latest styles and types of bathroom vanities that have a sink so that to can give your bathroom a new and better look? There are a lot of options available in this regard, and you can choose any of them as long as it is in your budget. A simple wall hung sink is just available for around $50, but quality bathroom vanities are pricey, and the costs can go up as much as $5,000. Some of these are available as a single product and others are installed with cabinetry. Bathroom vanities with tops are also quite common because the sink and vanity are combined together.

Here are some types of bath vanities with sinks that were seen the most this year.

wall mounted sinkWall Mounted Sink

The wall mounted sink is a really common option that is installed in those bathrooms where there is not a lot of space. These sinks are directly fixed onto the wall with special wall hanger brackets, and do not require any floor support. Plumbing can either be concealed or exposed and is fixed beneath the sink.



pedestal sinkPedestal Sink

The pedestal sink is another classic type of bathroom vanities that is preferred when space is an issue. However, it is also used in huge bathrooms, serving as the focal point of the entire design. The sink is mounted on top of a pedestal that so fixed onto the floor and wall as well for extra stability. Plumbing lines are fastened inside the pedestal and remain concealed.


vessel sink vanityVessel Sink Vanity

Vessel sink are modern bathroom vanities, featuring a new and unique look. The sink is mounted on a countertop that is fixed to both the wall and the floor. Just as the look is different, so are the faucets and drain pipes that are installed with it. The faucets can either be mounted on the deck or affixed to the wall. As for the vessel, you can use any object that you look. Just make sure it is artistic enough; popular choices are granite, china, alabaster stone and blown art glass.


cabinet style vanity

Cabinet style Vanity

Cabinet style vanity can be used by itself or with any other types of bathroom vanities that have been discussed above. Both a single and double bowl can be installed over a solid counter top. The quality of this bathroom vanity is often high, and so can be the prices.


framed sinkFramed Sink

The framed sink is also installed over a counter top, often made with laminate, granite or other types of stone. The sink is fixed into the counter top and the edges are covered with a metallic frame. Usually, pressed steel is used as the sink material.


All of the above types of bathroom vanities are easily available at any online store. The prices are reasonable, and in some cases, you can even find discount bathroom vanities. So begin your search, choose your favorite style and give you bathroom a classy new touch.