The Best Kitchen Flooring Options for 2013

Do you know which materials are regarded as the best kitchen flooring options? The most preferred choices are only those that can bear the heavy amount of traffic in the kitchen, so they should be durable and resist all the kitchen hazards. But along with this, they should also be able to give your kitchen that sharp look. So for which materials can all the boxes be checked off? Let’s take a look at the best kitchen flooring options.

vinyl kitchen flooringVinyl Flooring

Vinyl is one of the best kitchen flooring options available simply because of its price. Compared to other choices, the appearance may not be that appealing, but it is still good enough, and do not forget the prices; they compensate well for this. Vinyl is available in many designs that are a very realistic replica of ceramic, tile and hardwood flooring. Other than this, vinyl flooring is really easy to clean and maintain, and feels comfortable under your feet.

Perhaps the only downside is that vinyl flooring is not that durable. It can get torn with sharp objects and dust can give it a dull look.

laminate kitchen flooringLaminate Flooring

Laminate is a material that comprises of several layers of other materials to increase the durability. Its appearance is very similar to that of a wooden or tile flooring, and it is scratch resistant, which makes it perfect choice if you have kids or pets in your house.

Laminate flooring hardly requires any maintenance, and long as you sweep and mop it, which will keep it attractive. Just like vinyl, laminate flooring is not that durable compared to other options.

Cork Flooring

cork-kitchen-flooringCork’s appearance may not be liked by everyone, but the fact that it is eco friendly and affordable makes it worth mentioning. As for the look, it would still suit some people because of its strong textures and patterns. Cork is extremely flexible and very comfortable to walk on. Drop a plate or a cup on it, and it would not be the least bit damaged. Plus, when it is cold outside, it would prevent your kitchen floor from becoming too cold because it maintains some of the heat.

 Ceramic Tile Flooring

ceramic tile flooring

Preferred for their durability, tiles are one of the best kitchen flooring options because of their designs and budget. They are literally available in any color, shape and size, and are either plain or decorated with patterns. The options are indeed aplenty and whichever you choose would make your kitchen look fantastic.

Tiles can handle most spills but they are prone to cracks if some heavy objects are dropped on them. With just a little bit of liquid, they can become slippery and increase the risk of accidents. But the affordable prices and the low maintenance may outweigh these issues.

Now that know the best kitchen flooring options, you can easily determine your needs and accordingly pick your favorite from the list. Get them installed and your kitchen will look amazing with your new tiles.


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