Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Our Top 5 To Get It Done On A Budget!

Anyone who has ever thought about undertaking a kitchen remodeling project knows how easy it is to let the costs just add up. But spending an astronomical amount on kitchen remodeling doesn’t necessary guarantee a great outcome. If you have good taste and the right contractor on your side or if you are going to do it yourself, you can achieve a stellar kitchen for a very small cost.

Doing your kitchen remodeled in stages is a good way to update the looks and functionality of your kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are some of our kitchen remodeling ideas for those on a budget. Use them to build the kitchen of your dreams.

kitchen remodeling ideasRefurbish the Cabinets

Before completely replacing your old cabinets with new ones, remember that these are the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. If your kitchen cabinets are worn out and are showing signs of decay around the pulls, try refinishing or repainting them. If your cabinets are made out of wood, metal and plywood then they’ll take well to paint. Choose a bright sunny color and your kitchen will look much better without the expense of brand-new cabinets.

Invest in New Flooring

New floors are an important part of any kitchen remodeling effort. Try vinyl floors because these offer affordability, style and ease of installation, plus some really great looks that compliment any space. What else does a kitchen floor need? Oh! Cleanliness and durability and vinyl floors deliver on these counts as well.

Honorable mentions include cork, solid and engineered wood as well as bamboo floors.

Get New Hardware and Fittings

These include a new sink, faucet, hardware such as cabinet knobs and pulls as well as countertops. These are things that suffer the most in a well-used kitchen. So replacing them after 5 to 10 years of rigorous usage is a good idea. You will find plenty of budget-minded and attractive options. Laminate offers some good countertop options that look like high-end granite or soapstone without their process. Or you can opt for butcher block countertops that are back in vogue.

Paint It New

Revive your kitchen on the cheap and paint it! Whether it is a small kitchen remodel or a big one, nothing beats a fresh coat of paint to liven it up. A semi-gloss latex paint is your best bet as it is very easy to keep clean. Just sponge off the food spatters to restore the wall. The semi-gloss finish is also good for the trim around the doors and windows. Just don’t forget to get the necessary prep work done before you start painting.

Update the Lighting

Halogen floods can liven up a space instantly. Not only will you get a better looking kitchen instantly but also save significant amounts of money on your energy bills. You can also add under-cabinet lighting to the cabinets and counter tops to drive the shadows away. If you have an island or a dining table, use updated decorative lights over them to make your dining time more romantic!

If you can afford it, get an experienced contractor to work with you on your kitchen remodeling ideas. Not only will they help you avoid costly mistakes but also suggest changes to your kitchen’s planning that will help you save money on the remodeling.


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