How To Hire A Home Remodeling Contractor For Your Baltimore Home?

how to hire a home remodeling contractor in Baltimore

Home remodeling in Baltimore is the need of many homeowners to ensure that their home stays in prime condition and offers a decent area to live in. Overtime, issues of wear and tear result in depleted efficiency of things and demand repairs and replacements. Also overtime styles tend to come and go so your home remodeling might need updated to bring it to the 21th century.

This is where hiring a home remodeling contractor in Baltimore is the right decision if you live in Baltimore to get things done with ease and to produce long-lasting results. Whether you are planning to sell your Baltimore home or improve the current living conditions for your family, consider the following home remodeling tips to make the right choice for hiring a contractor:

Finding The Right Baltimore Home Remodeling Contractor

There are plenty of home remodeling contractors that are available in the market. If you are looking to get you kitchen remodeled or bathroom you can come across an array of options using online searches to find contractors websites and their contact information. Using websites such as Angie’s list is another good option, using references of friends and family members. You can even talk to the local lumber and hardware supply stores who might suggest the best contractors in the areas or even using the Yellow Pages (less people are using the Yellow Pages these days but it is still an option). Using these suggestions will help you find the right contractor.

Shortlist Your Options

Once you have the contacts details of several Baltimore home remodeling contractors, it is time to shortlist the options to choose the best. To choose the most reliable contractor, check out certain things about the contractor and his/her company. The track record is an essential thing to consider, the Better Business Bureau’s record would inform you about the complaint history and rating of the company, aiding you in highlighting the best choices.

Choose an Insured and Licensed Professional

Remember to choose a home remodeling contractor that has got insurance to protect you against any possible damages. If the contractor does not have insurance liability, you would be held responsible for any damage costs incurred. Stay away from any contractors with no insurance and working with a licensed professional reduces the risks involved and gives you the confidence of working with someone credible.


Before finalizing your Baltimore home remodeling contractor, conduct interviews and ask as many questions as you can come up with. Things like doing the work with permits, timelines, writing things down, subcontractors, do they have a team of people, how much money up front to start, how much money at the conclusion of the project are just a few questions you can ask.

Also take note of their attitude on the phone, how do they talk to you, they should be answering your questions and not telling you what to do, how quickly do they get back to you and do they make any excuses. Excuses now I’ll only get worse as the project continues. Using excuses is not professional so a contractor who makes excuses especially at the beginning might be someone to stay away from.

You should feel comfortable dealing with a contractor before the work even gets done. This is an essential step to build trust and a comfort level, it would reveal to you the reliability, availability and interest of the company in undertaking your home remodeling project.


Be sure to ask for references. This would include asking the potential contractor for a list of names of people and jobs they have done in the past. Contact these people and ask them how the project went, if they were on time, cleanliness, what kind of work did they do, are they happy with the results and would you hire them again. Another thing you can do is go by and take a look at the work they have done. People have different opinions so one person might like the job and the other person might not so it is best to check out the renovation job for yourself.

If unfamiliar with remodeling and handyman work be sure to take someone you know who has some experience and can evaluate the overall job. Be sure to keep this to yourself though as you don’t want to hurt the homeowner.

Gather Price Estimates

Cost comparison is a crucial factor for making a choice. Everyone has a certain budget level and would want to hire services within the budget. Gathering price estimates would help you make an informed cost and plan your finances accordingly. However, when making comparison, do not always go for the lowest prices available, instead choose to get quality service and reasonable rates to get satisfying end results.

Signing the Contract

After undertaking each necessary step, you would be able to come up with the perfect remodeling contractor for your Baltimore home. The next step is getting everything penned down in a written agreement and to sign the contract. A simple but highly important formality, it helps eliminate future trouble and set expectations right from day one.

The contract includes information about the warranty, permits, cleanliness, liability, expectations, project duration, timing, hours of work, subcontractors and terms for payment agreed upon. Having these written down in a step-by-step format prevents a lot of problems. If you have them in your hand written down on a piece of paper signed by you and the contractor you can question his judgment on time and work that is being performed. If it is not written down then you have nothing to back yourself up with.

Following the above mentioned tips is going to help you make a sound choice for picking the right contractor for your Baltimore home remodeling project. If you have any questions or concerns or are looking for a free estimate for your home remodeling project give us a call today at (888) 789-0140.


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