Types of Bathroom Ceiling Lights – Add The Right Amount of Ambiance

bathroom ceiling lights
Since lighting is one of the most important features of any room, bathroom ceiling lights are a particularly important decision when you are redesigning or remodeling your bathroom. Choose the wrong one, and the bathroom will just not depict the look you were planning to have. However, if your lighting is right, it will add style and give an attractive finishing touch.

There are many types of bathroom ceiling lights such as spotlights and down lights. Which one of these should you choose? The information below can help you more in this regard.

types of ceiling light
Basic Bathroom Ceiling Lights

The most basic sort of lighting you can have in the bathroom is a central structure on the ceiling. Generally, this is designed to give a sufficient amount of light in the room. While installing such a structure, make sure you do it away from the shower and other water sources so that your safety is not subjected to any risks. If your chosen bathroom design does not call for this, use a close mounted ceiling light that is either completely enclosed or is flushed in an attractive design.

In terms of style, a basic ceiling lights have many options and are either available in the form of a clear or frosted glass. At times, the rim is brushed with chrome or depicts an antique look for extra edginess.

Recessed or Down Lighting

A recessed down lighting is often available in an affordable range, which makes it a preferable choice for many homeowners. Moreover, they are special designed and so are not affected by condensation. Though the standard product gives you plenty of lighting, use one with halogen bulbs provides a better illumination. Since a single product often does not give enough light, recessed lighting comprises of three or five units.

As with the basic bathroom ceiling lights, recessed or down lighting is also available in many styles. They may have a brass, chrome, polished or shiny white border.


If you want accent or task lighting, a spotlight in the bathroom is what you should have. These are often available in the form of bars, which can be fitted as a single product and pointed at any one spot that demands attention. This is often the place on top of the mirror, where an ample amount of light is always needed.

 Now that you have all information regarding the different types of bathroom ceiling lights, you should decide your budget and conduct a thorough search. There are so many pictures on the internet that can give you some very good ideas. Accordingly, choose a product that not only suits the style you want but also gives the amount of lighting you want to have. If your budget allows, you can even put a number of bathroom ceiling lights to have a more classy touch.



Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessory Sets For Improving The Look

The final step of any bathroom designing process is to choose appropriate bathroom accessory sets.  Do it right, and you bathroom will have the perfect finishing look that you desire. There are many options and styles for bathroom accessory sets, and selecting one of these can be difficult at times. You can customize everything as per your wishes, while ensuring that your budget is not restrained.

Here we present you a look at those items that must be included in bathroom accessory sets, so as to provide convenience while adding more to the style.

bathroom shelvesBathroom Shelves

If you still have not put up any shelves in your bathroom, now is the time to get it done. You can either have these near the shower, near the counter or at both places. At times, bathroom shelves are hung from the shower or on the door, and at others, they are affixed onto the walls. You can even opt for a free-standing bathroom shelf; a corner one will utilize more space, but will make it easier for you to store your items.

Laundry Hamperslaundry basket

A laundry hamper is must-have accessory in every bathroom. There are two main types of laundry hamper: one is portable, and you can easily take it to the laundry room, whereas the other one cannot be moved from its pace of installation. Depending on your needs, a laundry hamper can be built into a cabinet, installed as a pullout unit or mounted as a tilt-out unit. You can even opt for a freestanding laundry hamper.
If you want portability, go for a hamper that features a handle or wheel.

bathroom scalesBathroom Scales

A bathroom scale is another important item in bathroom accessory sets. These can be divided into three main types: analog, body composition, and digital. Analog bathroom scales operate on a counterbalance bar or a spring dial, the former of which offers a more accurate reading. Digital scales run on battery and body composition scales are used for measuring body density, by utilizing small electrical pulses. They can also give you a reading of your weight and muscle mass.

Shower Benches and Seats

If your bathroom does not have a bath and you prefer to sit while taking a shower, you should have a chair or a seat on the bathroom. These are either in the form of a simple bench or are based on wheels, which makes them portable. Shower chairs are mostly constructed with plastic and aluminum so that no rust forms ion eth surface. Moreover, they are slip-resistance because rubber cups are fixed onto their legs.

bathroom towels


A bathroom towel is available in many styles and colors. You shook get one that goes with your wall paint and the rest of your decorations for a more refined touch.

Now that you have chosen bathroom accessory sets, you are done with redesigning your bathroom. We are sure it looks extremely classy and modern, and will impressive anyone who views it.

How Do You Remodel Your Baltimore Bathroom?

remodeled Houston bathroomAre you looking for tips and ideas for remodeling your Baltimore bathroom? Updating and maintaining your bathroom has paramount value. It is a vital space of the home that is often used, and if kept in good condition adds value to your property and beauty to your home. If you are planning a major renovation and or remodeling, you need to do it in a cost effective manner, while still keeping your requirements and budget in mind.

Consider the following tips for how to remodeling your bathroom so you do it right the first time:

Ideas on a Budget

First things first, start off by planning what needs to be done and how much you can afford to invest into the remodeling process. To plan the changes needed, highlight the common problems that add stress to your bathroom usage, conduct a close inspection to determine the condition and evaluate the needs of the family.

You could have a bundle of ideas to put into action but keeping it practical and feasible enough is a crucial component to the successful completion of the process. Plan it smartly and stick to the original plan to keep it budget friendly till the end and you will be very happy you did. It is very easy to go over on your budget so taking the time to plan it ahead of time is going to pay off big-time when the remodeling is done.

Complimenting an Attractive Design with Stylish Fixtures

Styling up your bathroom can work wonders to creating an appealing bathroom environment. A theme can be worked upon and stylish fixtures complimenting the theme used to revive the look of the space. With a wide variety of options at your disposal, choosing the right tub, sinks, faucets, showerheads, and toilets can be a challenging task. Lend thoughts to the design to create the bathroom of your dreams by choosing fixtures that have a tasteful finish and can comfortably fit into your bathroom space.

Don’t Ignore the Lighting

When remodeling your Baltimore bathroom, make sure to consider the lighting. Better lighting can work wonders by making a small bathroom seem larger. Varied lighting can have a soothing effect as well. For instance, dim lighting is preferable for showers whereas brighter lighting becomes a must for applying makeup and shaving. Remember to install sufficient lights to help you through each task you undertake.

Lighting has come a long way in the past few years. Consider using environmentally friendly energy saving lights whenever you can. They can be incorporated into the overall design and you would not even know it.

Avoid Purchasing Without Comparison

Comparing prices and doing adequate research on the materials you use is necessary to get a better price and a good deal. This demands some more time and research but it will help you get the best prices possible allowing you to get a better products for a more price. Some online research can expose you to an array of option in the latest designs available and give you quick access to making easy comparisons and getting the products you need at an affordable price.

Get Professional Help

Remodeling your Baltimore bathroom is not as easy a task as it may seem. If you are not confident enough about having all the skills and patience to do-it-yourself, it is best to leave it to the professionals. It doesn’t matter if your are remodeling your basement or bathroom if you don’t have a lot of experience attempting to do it on your own may end up costing you a lot more money and there are greater chances of things ending up going wrong and taking a lot of time. Invest into a reputable contractor instead and let the pros take good care of all your remodeling worries.

Your Baltimore bathroom can be remodeled to create something extraordinary with the help of a professional contractor or even doing it yourself. There are lots of great remodeling contractors available today that can help you with your bathroom project. If you do your research you can find a contractor with lots of experience that provides a trusted service that will cater to your bathroom remodeling needs, bringing you the perfect solution as per your budget.

Give us a call today for any questions or for a free estimate (888) 789-0140. Your desired Baltimore bathroom is just a phone call away.


Types of Bathroom Rugs Things You Need to Know

picture of a bathroom with a floor rugWhen redesigning a bathroom, no one focuses much on the types of bathroom rugs, and instead concentrates on sinks, vanities, tubs, and so on. However, this should not be, because a bathroom rug can offer safety and prevent you from slipping on wet floors while also providing you with a comfortable surface to walk on. As with any other item, whichever type you choose, it should complement the rest of your bathroom decorations.

Bathrooms rugs can be classified on the basis of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. Go for a rug that fits well in the open space in your bathroom and is neither too small nor too big.


A bathroom mat can be made from any material, but polyester, bamboo, chenille nylon, and cotton are more popular.


A cotton bathroom rug is thinner than other options and is available in a wide array of designs. In terms of durability, cotton is not exactly that great a choice because it starts wearing out if the floor is constantly wet.


A bamboo rug is a durable and inexpensive option. It does, however, have its downsides, such as that it is available only in the color or bamboo and does not feel soft under your feet.


A chenille rug is not easily damaged even if it is constantly exposed to water. For extremely wet bathrooms, this should be the preferred option.


A polyester bathroom rug offers durability and is the preferred choice if the bathroom is characterized by high traffic.


Compared to other options, a nylon bathroom rug has a longer life and offers better slip-resistance features.


The absorbency of a bathroom rug is an important factor because it prevents mold growth and decreases the risk of accidents. Depending on the material, the absorbency varies. Bamboo has great absorbing properties and a rug made of this material will ensure a dry bathroom most of the time.


Bathroom rugs are available in a huge variety of colors. You can either go for one color throughout the year or keep changing colors with every season if your budget allows. Whichever shade you choose, it should go with your wall paint and the rest of the decorations. For instance, blue and green rugs look great in summer whereas natural and dark shades are more suitable for the chilly days.

Slip Resistance

A bathroom rug offers safety only if it is characterized by a high slip resistance. This will be the case when the bottom of the rug is lined with a rubber cushion or anti-skid material. In case, your bathroom mat is not lined, place it over a rubber mat and not on your bathroom’s bare floor.

Now that you have all the information pertaining to the different types of bathroom rugs, it will be much simpler for you to come to a decision.