The Best Cordless Tool Combo Kit For Your Handyperson

best cordless tool combo kitIf you are looking for the best cordless tool combo kit for your handyperson in your life and you don’t want to send a ton of money you can’t go wrong with the Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Super Combo Kit (4-Tool).

This combo kit is very affordable and has all the basic cordless tools for any job around the home. Ryobi has come a long way in cordless tools over the past few years and offers many other cordless tools which are compatible with the 18-volt lithium-ion batteries.

I purchased this set from Home Depot several months ago and am very happy with them. At first it was a tough decision whether I should replace the batteries for my older model Craftsman cordless tools or buy a brand new set.

The batteries on my Craftsman were nickel cadmium, which are not as good as the lithium-ion offered by Ryobi and they and were fairly expensive to replace. They were near $100 for a two pack and a new Ryobi cordless tool set was under $200. Because of the price and the age of my cordless tools I debated with myself and talked to a few friends whether I should replace the batteries or buy new cordless tools.

Looking at the age of my craftsman cordless tools and several of them were starting to wear out and making some weird noises I decided to buy the Ryobi ONE+ 18-volt lithium-ion super combo kit. I couldn’t be more happier. I should have done that sooner and not waited so long.

The Ryobi ONE+ super combo kit comes with a heavy-duty ½ drill which is more than adequate for any homeowner, a 5 ½ inch skill saw with carbide tipped that can cut through 2-by material and sheet products.

Also in the kit is a reciprocating saw that his great for demolishing and general cutting large materials including metal and wood. Another great feature that comes with the kit is a LED work light that has a swivel head that you can adjust to any position.

The kit comes with 2 compact lithium-ion batteries and a dual chemistry charger. The lithium-ion batteries charge quicker, holds more power and last longer than the Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) batteries.

I found the batteries last a very long time and usually last through most jobs. The skill saw takes a lot of power but manages to cut through the material with no problems. The drill having a 1/2 inch chuck allows you to use bigger drill bits compared to a 3/8 inch and drill through most materials with no problems, the reciprocating saw has an easy to use toolless chuck which allows you to change blades easily and has tons of power to go through most materials. I love the LED light with the swivel head, which allows you to point the light in any direction.

If you are looking for a present for your handyperson in your life you can’t go wrong with the Ryobi ONE+ 18-volt lithium-ion super combo kit. This kit is perfect for the everyday use around your home and offers a great price as well. You can spend a ton of money on cordless tools but the Ryobi ONE+ is very reasonable and affordable cordless tool set.

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